Is there a list of current street names?

    Yes. The list is available here. 

    How long can a street name be?

    A maximum of 14 characters, including spaces. 

    What elements are prohibited in a street name?

    1. Numbers, dashes, apostrophes, or other non-alphabetical characters. 
    2. Compass points (North, South, East, West).
    3. Articles (e.g., the, a, an). 
    4. Facilities or generic descriptions of road features (e.g., “Bowling Alley,” “Tennis Court,” “Dirt Road”).
    5. A homophone of an official road name or easily confused with an official road name (e.g., Reed Street/Read Street). 
    6. Homographs of an official road name or easily confused with an official road name. 
    7. Any word that reasonably connotes anything that is profane, obscene, or vulgar; is sexually explicit or graphic; is excretory related; is descriptive of intimate body parts or genitals; is descriptive of illegal activities or substances; condones or encourages violence; or is socially, racially, or ethnically offensive or disparaging, or otherwise violates applicable state and/or federal law.
    8. A duplication of, or near duplication in spelling or phonetically similar to, an existing street name in the City or Fairfax County or other area in geographic proximity to the city. 
    9. Any word that refers to a commercial entity or might otherwise imply a commercial endorsement.

    Can a street be named after a community or geographic feature?

    Only if the road is in close proximity to such communities or geographic features.

    Can a street be named after a person?


    1. If there is prior written consent received from the living individual whose first and last name are part of the requested.
    2. If there is prior written consent for the use of such name of a deceased individual, received from an authorized representative of the individual's family. 
    3. If a proposed street name is in honor of a deceased historical person and uses such person’s first and last name (i.e., George Washington Drive).
      1. The street name must be reviewed by the Director, Office of Historic Resources to ensure the correct person is being referenced, the person’s name is spelled correctly, and that the person’s name is not otherwise prohibited under the provisions of this Section.


    1. If the person, living or dead, has condoned or encouraged violence; or has made verified public statements, verbally, in writing, or electronic form, or taken actions, that disparage any person based on their race, religion, gender, ethnicity, marital status, country of origin, or sexual orientation.
    2. If the person supported the Confederacy during the American Civil War by any verified actions, including but not limited to, military or political service, or any spoken or written word, or any other documented opposition to the Constitution of the United States.